I’ve been drawing faces ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon. And for the past 4 years  I’ve delighted families, tourists and shoppers at the Brookfield Zoo and Chicago’s Navy Pier Shopping Mall with my drawings.

I have an Associates Degree with emphasis in the arts, and a certificate in Graphic Design and Layout.

People are my passion, so if you’re a people (or an android, extraterrestrial, invertebrate etc..I don’t judge) I’d love to hear from you! Visit the Contact page, shoot me an email, call or text

(Note: My voice service may ask for a name before connecting you.  Batman and Gandhi are popular, but if you choose Mickey Mouse or Sebastian the Sea Crab, you gotta do the voice with the accent.)

Commissioned Artwork – Make It Personal!

Digital Full Page Illustration
Traditional full Body Vignette
Digital Head & Shoulders

Nobody recognizes your elbow. Hence the failure of the “Elbow Book” platform to take the Internet by storm. Your face defines you, so caricature is THE most unique and personal gift.

Whether you fancy the strokes of  traditional marker and color pencil or a digital masterpiece, you can choose from full color, black and white, head and shoulders, vignettes or full page illustrations that suit your needs.


Wedding Proposals

Boards

Meal Place Cards


Greeting Cards & Invitations

Any creative endeavor you can think of!

Why Virtual Caricature?

Digital caricatures are safe and fun and make great virtual party “take-home” swag! 

Celebrate the hassle-free way!

Things you never have to worry about with a virtual party:

Parking Nightmares, Before-party clean up, After-party cleanup, Restraining pets, Carpet stains, Furniture damage, Nosey house-snoopers, Over-stayed welcomes, Bathroom lines, Noise complaints, Lack of physical space…

Did you know Zoom has a beautifying feature? So you always look good on video!

 Contact me in advance to iron out the details!